About ICEcash

ICEcash is an electronic payment platform that is designed to manage small and large transactions efficiently and cost effectively in real-time.

ICEcash has a multi-channel retail bank offering which provides our clients with a powerful and affordable banking solution which is accessed via a mobile device, online banking and using a Zimswitch enabled ICEcash card.

ICEcash does not have its own “bricks ‘n mortar” branch network, but rather leverages off its service partners’ extensive branch network, which includes all Zimpost branches and the N Richards Group.  This provides over 300 physical points of presence throughout Zimbabwe, particularly in the rural areas.

ICEcash’s primary focus is to provide Enterprise Solutions for large organisations in both the public and private sectors. These include:

  • An electronic cover note solution for all motor vehicle insurance.
  • Street Vendors – a database management system and revenue collection platform developed for the City of Harare.
  • National Livestock Identification Program – a database management system for all livestock farmers and their cattle which provides identification and traceability functionality, including tagging all cattle with an RFID ear tag and issuing each farmer with a Zimswitch enable card. This solution was developed for the Department of Veterinary Services, which falls under the Ministry of Agriculture.
  • ICEcash is Zimpost’s technical service provider and manages all prepaid Zesa transactions on behalf of Zimpost and their agents.
  • Customer Loyalty Programs for large retailers/wholesalers, such as the N Richards Group.
  • Prepaid Zinara toll cards to facilitate quick and convenient electronic payment at all toll plazas in Zimbabwe. This solution was developed for Zinara.  ICEcash also hosts the prepaid toll solution for EcoCash.
  • Online insurance and licensing renewals, bringing unprecedented convenience to the motorist of Zimbabwe.
  • An online payment gateway that enables all e-commerce transactions using any Zimswitch enabled card, VISA, MasterCard and EcoCash. Integrations for OneMoney and Telecash are underway.

ICEcash is regulated by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and our co-sponsor banks are CBZ Bank Limited and NMB Bank Limited.

ICEcash is a powerful platform that provides Zimbabweans with a more accessible, secure and affordable solution to the traditional banks.

ICEcash offers its clients a low cost, powerful and convenient bank account that can be accessed via multiple channels. ICEcash has developed a comprehensive retail banking platform that operates over multiple channels, including mobile, internet, voice and debit card.

Our network of retail store agents form part of a mutually-beneficial business model and they are an integral part of our ever-increasing reach.