Systems & Channels

Icecash system and functionality

The ICEcash system has been purpose built to manage multifaceted integrations into institutional legacy systems.
These include Mobile Network Operators, Zesa (Pre-Paid Electricity) (via e-Solutions’ switch),
Hot Recharge for PIN-less airtime, Zinara Motor Vehicle Licensing platform, EcoCash, to name but a few.

The system has also been purpose built for “Low Cost Banking" & "Mobile Switching” and is highly extensible.
It manages individual accounts and is not reliant in any way on the sponsoring bank’s systems, such as the PostCard or Flexcube platforms.

The ICEcash system also supports multiple wallets and multi-tier customer referral/reward programs.

Other Channels Supported by the system includes multiple comprehensive and electronic Modules such as:

Extensive Back-Office System manages and supports Customer Accounts, Transactions, Cards, POS Devices, User Rights (security levels and KYC Status including document upload which affixes the KYC documents to each individual accoun

ICEcash uses a custom ticketing and support management suite to manage customer issues and queries. Our callcenter is able to take queries via email, phone, WhatsApp and API.

Electronic registration process, monthly premium collection and claims processing and payouts

Manages loan applications, approval, payout & collections

Ability to process debit orders and future-dated payments with real-time deposit tracing

Inventory control, allocation of POS devices to specific clients and SIM card control

Bulk messaging & two-way communication with individual customers via SMS or e-mail

Comprehensive scheduled and ad-hoc reports available via download or e-mail

Ability to easily customise channels & modules to meet individual customer requirements

All on net transactions happen in real-time with immediate settlement.

Virtual Server environment providing unlimited scalability & growth potential.

System architecture controls & functionality reviewed and approved by IBM & multiple South African & Zimbabwean Banks.

Bespoke development can be done very quickly and cost effectively