Terms & Conditions

These terms apply to all use of the ICEcash system and are in addition to the terms of the bank and any person who you deal with via ICEcash.
ICEcash is a delivery system, allowing you to receive and deliver payments and information, and deal with, various people.
Once you have processed a transaction through ICEcash it cannot be reversed by ICEcash.
ICEcash is entitled to assume that all transactions on your ICEcash account are authorised by you.
Do not tell anyone, even ICEcash, your PIN number.
ICEcash will charge standard fees for specified services and you authorise ICEcash to debit them to your bank account. The fees may be changed at any time. The latest fees will always be available on this website.
Changes will be advised on this website.
While ICEcash has exercised due care and diligence in devising the mobile banking system, ICEcash makes no claim and does not warrant that the system will perform without error in every function at every instance.
In no event will ICEcash be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential losses arising out of the clients’ use of the system.
ICEcash can amend these terms at any time.
By using the ICEcash system you agree to be bound by the latest version of these terms, which are available on this website.