Zinara Prepaid Tolling Card


ICEcash has developed a pre-paid tolling solution for toll gates across Zimbabwe. This solution is integrated directly with the tolling platform software and allows motorists to pre-pay for their road usage. One of the major benefits derived from this solution is the ability to limit the usage of the pre-paid fund to specific vehicles and to receive rich reporting on their usage.

In addition to the standard pre-paid tolling card, Icecash has developed a solution to cater for the mobile money users. Icecash has developed this with Ecocash to allow all of their mobile money users access to pre-paid tolling. The user registers all the vehicle registrations they will be travelling with, when they arrive at a toll plaza they only need to give their mobile number to the toll cashier and they can proceed through.

The Agent will be able to sell Zinara pre-paid cards and this is a service that will likely draw traffic to the customers’ business. Under this portfolio Partners may also have the facility of loading Zinara pre-paid card top ups.